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This weekend I have the honor of competing for Fur Rondy Royalty! Sunday January 29th at the Hotel Captain Cook, a new Queen and two Princesses along with the Lord and Lady Trapper and the King and Queen Regent will be crowned!



Fur Rendezvous is a very historical event. This will be the 82nd Annual Fur Rondy Festival. Vern Johnson, the father of Fur Rondy, held the first event in February of 1935. This was initially a sports tournament that coincided with the time that the miners and trappers came to town. Since then, it has grown into a huge winter festival with a multitude of events from the World Championship Sled dog Race and the Blanket Toss to cornhole, the Great Alaska Talent Competition, snow sculptures and much more!

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Last Sunday all the participants went through the interview phase of competition where we sat with a panel of 7 judges. The week before that I had the opportunity to meet all the participants and I can tell you any one of the amazing ladies competing will make Alaska proud!


**Photos by Freeze Frame Photography! Check out his work here!

This coming Sunday will be the final phase of competition. We will all participate in an opening number and introduce ourselves and then each one of us will get to present our Spirit of Rondy essay. After the judges deliberate the coronation will happen and three of the wonderful ladies will start a whirlwind adventure of Rondy-filled fun!

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Check back after the 29th for a recap of the pageant!



*Photos by Laura Stoddard Photography. Visit her site here! She is amazing!